The Larder House runs a 0% food wastage policy, using every bit of everything we buy, and composting what we can't. All our produce is locally sourced where possible, and all our takeaway boxes, cutlery and napkins are 100% compostable

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We are currently looking for our next location to start trading at, we'll keep you posted on our progress.

About Us

We are currently looking for our next location to trade, keep checking to stay posted!

Who are we?

I am Tim, a doctor in London with a passion for food and sustainability. Tired of my regular jobs, and with the desire to build something of my own, in 2017 I set out to start 'The Larder House'. I trained as a doctor, and have been working in the London area for the last five years, after deciding this wasn't the career for me I have gone back to his true passion, cooking.

What we do

With a background from Italy and the UK, I use flavours and inspiration from my childhood in these countries mixed with my travelling experiences and I've blended these with my own unique styles to create an Anglo-Mediterranean menu that I am truly proud of.

What matters to us

I believe strongly in the sustainability of our planet and local businesses, and so, in my menu I aim to use sustainable, locally sourced seasonal produce. In addition to this I have a zero food wastage policy in my kitchen and all our take away boxes etc. are 100% biodegradable.


Photography for the site was done by Lauren Godfrey